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Core CGT400 String Trimmer Review

Core CGT400 String Trimmer Review

I had always tried to throw a bone to local businesses and hired a landscaping company to cut my grass and trim my weeds over the summer.

They had always done a good job but recently the patriarch of the business retired and left his son in charge.

Needless to say the quality has started to suffer, mostly because they’ve yet to show up and actually take care of the lawn.

Not sure if their GPS system is giving them fits or the entire crew got OWI’s but needless to say I realized the vacation was over and needed to start tending to my own yard again.

I sold my string trimmer 2-years ago thinking I’d never need it again but ventured out to see how the market had changed.

I finally found a Core CGT400 trimmer because the price was decent and I wanted to see how a battery powered weed whipper would work.

About Core

Like most consumers I was familiar with the heavy hitters in the weed whipping industry like Stihl, Black & Decker, and Husqvarna and to a lesser extent Briggs & Stratton and Komatsu.

I was unfamiliar with Core Outdoor Power but found out that CORE actually stands for Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy, a technology developed by a father and son that were apparently more hard-working than my former landscapers.

Anyway this motor can produce high-torque motion in a small setting that is quieter than gas string trimmers and carbon-footprint free.

About that motor

After some research I found out that the motor is quite powerful churning the head of the trimmer at 7,000 RPM. The 5,000 RPM torque is actually more than that featured on a standard 25cc gas trimmer.

Of course the Core CGT400 is battery powered so I had some concerns that all this power would result in the trimmer running for about 4 minutes before it would need to be recharged but I’ll cover that in a bit.

Anyway I was very happy with the power output but the Core CGT500 also has a dual power mode so the torque can be boosted when thicker weeds need to be bored through.

Battery life

To a T one of the main concerns that consumers have with battery powered trimmers is the fear of the battery dying out too easy. In the past it appears that people would have to buy 2 or 3 batteries just to get around a medium sized yard because each cell would only last around 15 minutes. The Core CGT400 shows that it’s no ordinary trimmer as the battery has worked for me the entire time I’ve trimmed every time so far. My yard is decent sized but I make sure to run it on the lower power setting to ensure I’ll make it to the finish line with juice left. The manual says operating at the efficient power can lead the battery to provide charge for over an hour. One downfall is the fact that Core recommends 3 hours for the battery to fully recharge so I guess that could be a nuisance for a professional landscaping company.

How is it to use?

One big selling point of battery weed whippers is that they’re very lightweight in comparison to a gas powered whacker. The Core really doesn’t follow through on that as much as its predecessors because it’s actually kind of heavy around 11 pounds I think. My wife wanted to learn how to run it (as if she was really going to trim the weeds one day) but decided it would probably get too heavy after a little bit and decided she should probably never trim the weeds. Still it’s not overly heavy for a guy, just a little more than I expected. It has a straight shaft and is long too which might lead to some of the weight. I measured a little over 66” so shorter fellas might not find the unit as comfortable to operate.

Any special features

It appears that Core has gone the strict route of letting their motor technology do the selling of their CGT400. Besides the dual power setting and the bump-head feed there are really no bells and whistles such as a rotating head that turns into an edger, a telescopic shaft, or blower attachments that I saw on other devices. The insides of the CGT400 do the talking as it features a quiet run, an air-cooled engine, and an insane power output. The ability to cut with strength while not needing to purchase fuel or smell like gas all afternoon is a dang nice incentive.

It looks as if the Core CGT400 might be the future of battery powered trimmers with a legitimate chance of putting gas powered trimmers out of the market. By extending the battery run time and increasing the cutting power Core has combined all the positives of a gas unit with none of the emissions or uncomfortable user experience.