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Husqvarna 224L String Trimmer Review

Husqvarna 224L String Trimmer Review

Being broke for most of my adult life has led me to make many sacrifices but that’s what you get when you’re a professional gambler, or to more aptly put it a very bad professional gambler. Well my luck changed recently when I left my laptop open and my dog jumped up on the table and accidentally hit a royal flush on the online slots I was playing. After first taking my dog to a Bang-Kaew puppy pampering salon I decided to start making my life more convenient. I had been using a $30 Sun Joe 3 Amp corded trimmer that my dog like to play double dutch with when I was trying to trim so I immediately upgraded to a Husqvarna 224L which proved to be no gamble.

My Initial Reaction

After doing some online research in between poker hands I found that the Husqvarna 224L was one of the finest trimmer on the market, even used commercially by professional landscaping crews. The first thing I noticed was that this thing is a load of power, especially compared to my wimpy poodle powered Sun Joe corded model.

Some other things I noticed:

  • Louder – Obviously a gas powered string trimmer is going to be louder than a battery or corded unit. I wasn’t prepared for how big of a change this was but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
  • Kickback – Another thing I need to get adjusted to is wearing safety glasses and pants when I do yard trimming. I could basically put my tongue through the 3amp corded string but the Husqvarna cuts like a machine and kicks back rocks and weeds with authority.
  • Heavier – The Husqvarna website says the 224L weighs around 12 pounds but it feels like a lot more. Not that you’d need to start taking Creatine just to manage the yards in your home but it’s just a warning to be aware of, especially when switching from a paperweight battery or corded weed wacker. I’m told there’s also a shoulder strap you can buy which is what most professionals probably do.

The Gas Engine

The Husqvarna 224L features a four cycle engine which is a game changer in the weed wacking world. Four cycle motors run quieter, are easier to start, are better for the environment and perhaps most importantly don’t need a gas and oil mix to run. I had used trimmers back in the day where you had to pull the cord to get it to start and I ripped my grandpa’s string right out of the housing. My spanking new 224L generally starts on the first or second pull which means I don’t have to face the eyes of shame and disappointment…at least in my weed wacking endeavors.

It’s also nice that the weed wacker runs on pure gasoline, a fact I was not aware of on another summer trip to my grandparents in which I mistakenly grabbed the tank labeled ‘gas’ instead of ‘mix’. It’s not that mixing gas and oil is hard, just more of a nuisance that I’m glad I don’t have to deal with.

Special Features

Not that battery operated string trimmers are gimmicks, but one of the main points they sell their models on is versatility and special features. It could be anything from a rotating head that doubles as an edger or a special blower attachment or a battery that is compatible with a chain saw but the manufacturers will try anything to entice shoppers to purchase their model. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but the Husqvarna 224L is what it is – just the most bad*ss weed trimmer on the market and nothing more. From what I’ve gathered the 224L doesn’t have any special features like an adjustable power level or a rotating head.

I think the special features are built into the model such as Smart Start system that enables the weed wacker to fire up so easy or the air purge system that takes air out of the carburetor and fuel lines. Husqvarna designers have focused on eliminating the needless accessories in making their 224L model the best string trimmer on the market for both professional and residential use.

In summation, I played my cards right when I spent over $300 and purchased the 224L. I love it.

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