Our Recommendations for the Best Ryobi Weed Eater

Our Recommendations for the Best Ryobi Weed Eater

Ryobi is the world’s largest manufacturer of both power tools and outdoor tools.

They offer their customers a 30 day money back guarantee on any of their products, and a 3 year limited warranty on many of their products as well.

If you’re looking for quality, pride in service and a product that you will love owning, Ryobi is your brand. Their line of string trimmers gives you a selection to choose from that is guaranteed to fit the jobs you need to get done.

With great customer service and convenience in mind, Ryobi created a revolutionary line of tools called the 18v ONE + line of tools that work with any of the 18v ONE + line of batteries, which means that you can have several different Ryobi tools and use the same battery in all of them, rather than having to buy a battery for each type of 18v ONE + tool you have. The convenience of being able to use one battery for many tools is something that customers love.

This customer focused company offers a special warranty extension for anyone who purchases a Ryobi product and registers it online. If consumers register their Ryobi tools within 30 days of purchase the company will extend the three year warranty to five years. This special is for tools purchased AFTER January 2014 and the customer must have their receipt for proof of purchase.

Ryobi 10-Inch 18V String Trimmer/Edger

If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy to handle string trimmer to keep your lawn in order, the Ryobi 10” 18v String Trimmer/Edger with its rotating shaft, and continuous line feed, is a great choice.

This trimmer is dual purpose and turns into an edger for your sidewalks and driveways as well.

Weighing only 3.3 pounds, you won’t have to deal with overtired, sore arms and shoulders when using it.

Additionally, it can be powered by any batteries in the Ryobi ONE+ 18 volt tool system.

This trimmer is great for basic lawn care and can stand up to the job all summer long. With it being a lighter weight model, tough heavier jobs may not be well suited to this design and is not suited for tough jobs like brush trimming. It is great for grass and light weeds though.

Includes a dual chemistry charger and an 18v NiCD battery.

Ryobi ZRP2002 ONE Plus 18V String Trimmer

This reconditioned Ryobi string trimmer will help you get the job done right and is one of the most environmentally friendly models Ryobi has.

Features of this model include a telescopic shaft that makes it very comfortable for the user to maneuver, especially for taller users, and a 12” cut with auto line feed.

The pivoting head makes trimming on slopes and under obstacles such as outdoor furniture a breeze.

Because it has a longer run time than most, customers who use the ZRP2002 ONE can finish the job they started without running out of juice.

A favorite feature to mention about this model is that it works just as easily for right handed users, as left.

Battery and charger are not included with this item and will need to be purchased separately.

Ryobi ZR51930 Gas Powered 17 in. Curved Shaft String Trimmer

The ergonomic handle on this factory-reconditioned Ryobi gas powered 17” curved shaft string trimmer is much easier to use than other models, due to the padding it has.

When working outdoors for any length of time, having a comfortable handle to grip can prevent blisters, cramps, and extended soreness in the hand.

In addition, it is a heavier built model, using heavy ball bearings that make it more balanced. The benefit to this is that there is less vibration and your trimmer engine will last longer as well.

It’s simple to change out the trimmer with other Expand-it attachments because of the split shaft coupler design, so you will have several tools in one.

A curved shaft adds to the comfort and ease of using this trimmer and that means you can work for extended periods of time if necessary.

Battery and charger are not included with this model but can be purchased separately.

Ryobi RY26520 String Trimmer

The Ryobi RY26520 26cc gas powered string trimmer is a perfect choice for heavy duty jobs or those with a lawn care business.

Gas powered and capable of holding up to 9 ounces of fuel, this tough model has a 1 hp engine with dual piston rings which give the tool greater efficiency and power and is also more environmentally friendly than other types of trimmers.

It is a heavier weight trimmer, so using it for more than a couple of hours can become very tiresome.

The Expand-it attachments are fantastic, enabling you to turn the trimmer into a brush cutter, edger, pruner, blower, shaft trimmer, and more.

Other popular features are the StartEasy flip and go system that makes starting the tool simple and quick and the anti-vibration handle.

Includes a Grass Deflector, Hanger cap and Owner’s Manual.


String trimmers are great for regular lawn maintenance and help keep your lawn looking finished.

They make trimming around fence posts, along walkways, around mail box posts and pretty much any other obstacle easy.

Certain models will be better suited to some jobs than others, but thanks to the wide selection Ryobi carries, finding the right trimmer for your particular job is not a daunting task.

In general, heavier weight Ryobi string trimmers work better for larger, denser projects and the lightweight ones are better suited for basic grass trimming and edging.

If you have a lawn business, getting several string trimmers of different weights would not be out of line. While one of the crew was tackling the heavier parts of the job, another could use the lighter weight one for edging, light trimming and finish work.

Whichever Ryobi trimmer you choose, it is certain that you will be happy with it; that’s Ryobi’s goal.