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Black & Decker CCC3000 Review

I recently moved from Barrow, Alaska to a new job in Cleveland, OH. Growing up in the cold barren land of Alaska I had always hoped to someday move to a town where I could catch some quality live sporting events but I guess the Cleve will have to suffice. Besides never getting able to […]

GreenWorks 21212 String Trimmer Review

Let me start off by saying I consider myself a manly guy so I don’t really appreciate the neighbors I enjoy having a beer with see me waiting in my back yard impatiently while my wife’s poodle takes an hour to do her business. I also don’t like having my wife mad at me so […]

Tanaka TBC-255SFK 3-in-1 Combo Kit Review

The Tanaka TBC-255SFK is the ultimate professional 3-in-1 yard and maintenance kit. There’re three different attachments that allow you to turn the Tanaka TBC-255SFK into a: String trimmer Pole edger Stick saw It might seem a little bit pricy at $599 (free shipping), but after I took this mean machine out for a test drive, […]

Tanaka TBC-240PF String Trimmer Review

I realize there’s a big push for people to buy battery operated or corded string trimmers but I’ve got a pretty big lawn with a few broken down Camaros in the front yard. It usually takes me over an hour to weed whip my lawn so I just don’t think that I’d like lugging a […]

Black & Decker LST136 String Trimmer Review

There’s a lot of things to take into consideration when you finally split up with your dead beat husband, one of them I overlooked was purchasing a weed wacker. “Stanley” as we’ll call my ex was always good about doing the mundane tasks that needed to be done around the house like trimming the lawn, […]

Husqvarna 224L String Trimmer Review

Being broke for most of my adult life has led me to make many sacrifices but that’s what you get when you’re a professional gambler, or to more aptly put it a very bad professional gambler. Well my luck changed recently when I left my laptop open and my dog jumped up on the table […]

Worx WG175 String Trimmer Review

My neighborhood recently upped their air purity laws and while I initially assumed my 1988 Buick Skylark with a perpetual cloud of black smoke trailing it would be the first to go, I was surprised when the homeowner’s association did their energy audit. Apparently my old 2-cycle Craftsman 31cc weed eater did not fit in […]

Core CGT400 String Trimmer Review

I had always tried to throw a bone to local businesses and hired a landscaping company to cut my grass and trim my weeds over the summer. They had always done a good job but recently the patriarch of the business retired and left his son in charge. Needless to say the quality has started […]