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Tanaka TBC-240PF String Trimmer Review

Tanaka TBC-240PF String Trimmer Review

I realize there’s a big push for people to buy battery operated or corded string trimmers but I’ve got a pretty big lawn with a few broken down Camaros in the front yard.

It usually takes me over an hour to weed whip my lawn so I just don’t think that I’d like lugging a cord around for that long or recharging a battery every 10 minutes.

The people in my neighborhood are kind of nosy and if you think they don’t like the personal garage I have operating on my front lawn, I’d hate to see the dirty looks they’d give me with a big pit of black smoke trailing a gas weed eater.

I think I can finally have my cake and eat it too with the new trimmer I’ve found – a 2-cycle Tanaka TBC-240PF that is supposed to be CARB Compliant.

My First Run

I bought this product from Amazon after doing some research at a number of different web sites.

When the product arrived I thought it was kind of weird that I had to do some of my own assembly but the little wrenches were included and it wasn’t that hard of a setup.

I opened up the head and wrapped the string which was a lot easier than I expected. I then mixed up the gas and oil (one of the big pains of having a 2-cycle weed whipper but oh, well) and filled it up.

The first time starting any trimmer is always kind of a pain and I think it took me about 9 pulls before I had it dialed in.

I took the trimmer out to a hilly patch behind my house that has given me problems for years. I usually just stop cutting it around August since it gets so annoying.

Anyway the Tanaka plowed through this rocky section almost perfect. I say perfect because the TBC-240PF had enough power to cut through the rough area but wasn’t super strong where it would shoot rocks back at my legs and face.

I opened the trimmer up on some thick weeds and it cut through them awesomely.

I then had to go inside and take a cold shower I was so enamored with my new purchase.

The aftermath

Like I said I was pleasantly surprised at the cutting action that my Tanaka TBC-240PF packed. After a few runs here are my thoughts on some of the main staples of the device.


To be honest, this weed whipper probably isn’t viable for a guy with back problems or just a not very strong individual.

The unit weighs about 17 pounds which isn’t horrible for short runs but can get pretty taxing after awhile.

I’ll be honest my arms and back started to get pretty sore after I trimmed up my entire yard. There’s going to be some obvious vibration when you have a gas powered weed whacker with a motor but overall this trimmer wasn’t as ‘shaky’ as some that I’ve dealt with. Even the noise wasn’t too horrible although you’ll want ear muffs just to protect your hearing.


If you buy this string trimmer the first thing you’ll notice is the engine size/strength.

A 23cc motor isn’t the most powerful one on the market but it is very significant, especially if you aren’t accustomed to a gas power trimmer.

The shaft is about 5′ long which proves to be pretty comfortable if you’re a tall person. The shaft is solid steel instead of aluminum so the main vibe you get is that this thing is a tank.

The cutting head is 5” which seems pretty industry standard.

On top of that there really wasn’t anything insanely out of the ordinary with this device – it offers a 3-year warranty if you’re using it for just residential use or 2-years in a commercial setting.

To be honest this powerhouse would be great for a landscaping company because it uses gas well and is pretty quiet.

My general thoughts

There really aren’t many bells and whistles with the Tanaka TBC-240 string trimmer as it just does what it’s designed to do – trim the heck out of weeds and unmowable areas.

The head doesn’t rotate to become an edger nor is their dual power settings or quick-start buttons or an adjustable shaft.

I think the great thing about the Tanaka TBC-240 weed whipper is that it doesn’t have these things because it doesn’t need them. The TBC-240 is a grass kicker that cuts hard and is reliable.

The price tag is kind of high at almost $300 but to be honest from I’ve seen I would’ve paid double that.