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Tanaka TBC-255SFK 3-in-1 Combo Kit Review

Tanaka TBC-255SFK 3-in-1 Combo Kit Review

The Tanaka TBC-255SFK is the ultimate professional 3-in-1 yard and maintenance kit.

There’re three different attachments that allow you to turn the Tanaka TBC-255SFK into a:

It might seem a little bit pricy at $599 (free shipping), but after I took this mean machine out for a test drive, it really was the dogs gonads.

What’s under the bonnet?

Tanaka has fitted a 25cc motor under the hood of this beast, it offer you more than enough power to cut down anything insight. It kicks out 1-1/3 horse power with Tanaka’s PureFire low emission design.

Fitted with a special S-Start system that Tanaka claims, allows the user to start this machine up 50% easier than you would a normal gas powered machine.

With Al Gore on everyone’s case about climate control, you’ll be happy to know the Tanaka TBC-255SFK is CARB compliant. For those who don’t know what that means, it complies with the air pollution standards set by the California Air Resource Board. Which is quite impressive as this is a two-stroke engine.

The string trimmer

The string trimmer on this piece of kit comes with what Tanaka call a “no brainer quick-load trimmer head”.

This allows the user to insert the trimmer lines quite easily, it works well too. All you have to is press a button and stick in the string trimmer line, and bobs your uncle, it’s done and you’re ready to go.

There is no need to mess about with winding up the spool, or as I usually do, end up spending 20 minutes trying to get the trimmer line on.

Tanaka string lines are provided and I think they do a much better job at whacking weeds than any other lines I’ve used in the past. Took down the big weeds, the ends of tree branches and was flicking rocks all over the shop.

Noise levels were very low using this type of line, as with other string trimmers you’ll tend to hear the noise of the string going round and round. But like others mention, all you hear with the Tanaka TBC-255SFK is the sound of the motor.

Having discussed the good points, the only drawback to the string trimmer is that uses a heavy line. You’ll need to be a bit more carful when you’re trimming around things so you don’t rip them apart, although I guess that is more of a user error than a product drawback? Heavier lines are more prone to breaking too, but I believe that more than makes up for it time saved in not having to spool and wind.


  • No brainer system
  • Will cut anything down
  • Low noise


  • Heavy line

Pole saw attachment

Attaching the pole saw was pretty simple, removing the attachments and adding them onto the Tanaka TBC-255SFK was child’s play.

Three bolts need to be screwed onto the head of the Tanaka, then you stick the trimmer guard back on top and you’re ready to go.

Tanaka provides you with an Oregon bar and a chain which is designed pretty well, with both parts easily available if you ever need them replacing.

Using the saw was easy, it cut through wood like a hot knife through butter, and the handling was a bit awkward at first because of the weight.

I decided to use the neck and shoulder strap that comes with the product and that made the manoeuvring a lot easier.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Parts can be replaced
  • Neck and shoulder strap


  • Can me awkward to handle.

Pole edger attachment

Before I bought the Tanaka TBC-255SFK, I used to do all my edging with a rounded line trimmer, so using this edger was totally foreign to me.

After spending two minutes trying figure out the most efficient way to use it, it was great, I don’t think I could ever go back to using a normal trimmer to edge grass again.

Fitting it to the machine again was simple, most people could do it with their eyes closed. Edging laws using an actual edger this saves me a lot of time, and provides a much better finish.

The only drawback about the edger is unlike the other two attachments, it’s made from braided cable and not steel. I few times I had to go and spin the blade myself otherwise it gets stuck in the grass and doesn’t really spin. Other than that I don’t think I can say too many negative things about this edger.


  • Easy to fit
  • Allows edging jobs to be done faster


  • Not made from solid steel

Other things of note

Tanaka provide you with a two year commercial warranty and a seven year consumer warranty, with the way this kit feels and was made, I don’t think you’ll ever need to take them up on that offer.

The pole saw also comes with an optional extra extension made by Tanaka if it’s too short for you, which gives you another 3” of space.

I found the machine pretty light, it weighs around 11.7lbs which makes it fairly easy to move around, but even if you’re finding it hard work, they do provide you with a neck and shoulder strap.

I was a bit worried to fork out $599 for this 3-in-1 combo kit at first, lord only knows what the wife would say if she ever found out. After using it for a few weeks, and the amount of time it’s been saving me I’m glad I did. I’m not a landscaper but I’ve been getting a lot more compliments from neighbours and friends to the point where there asking me to cut their lawns! The Tanaka TBC-255SFK is one a piece of kit that as soon as you buy it, you know you’ll be using it for years on end.