What is the best gas weed eater?

What is the best gas weed eater?
"Gas Bottles" by Chris Booth is licensed under CC BY 4.0

If you’re a perfectionist like me or just like a neat and tidy lawn, a string trimmer is a necessary tool in the arsenal of any respectable gardener.

Gas powered string trimmers are a simple invention that allow us to cut areas of our lawn with better accuracy than using a lawn mower.

Your typical gas weed eater will have one or two pieces of thin plastic string sticking out of the head, when you hit the trigger they rotate at insane speeds, making mince meat of anything in its path.

There are many types of string trimmers on the market, and today I’m going to take an in-depth look at gas powered string trimmers.

When any power or garden tool is gas powered, it automatically get awarded the “bad ass” status, as anything that runs of gas offers the most power compared to using batteries or electronic.

Husqvarna 128DJ 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered String Trimmer

Husqavarna make some great garden tools, the Husqavarna 128DJ being one of them, It’s priced at $194.99 and comes with free shipping. As well as trimming like a dream the Husqavarna 128DJ comes with a big 1.1hp engine.

The unique selling point of this trimmer is that it’s fitted with a quite trimmer line which reduces the sound levels by around 50%.

A lot of creativity has gone into the design too, gas powered trimmers are well known for being bulking and difficult to manoeuvre, but not this one. The Husqavarna allows users to detach the shaft when in transport, and is installed with a comfort handle that can be easily adjusted.

To me this is one of the better gas powered string trimmers on the market, it’s light, powerful and can be controlled easily.


  • Great handling
  • Quiet compared to other gas powered trimmers
  • Good engine size


  • Need to be assembled out the box

Tanaka TBC-255PF Commercial Grade Gas-Powered Straight-Shaft Grass Trimmer

If you want take down the Amazon rainforest the Tanaka TBC-255PF would be just the thing.

With an engine comes in at 25cc with 1.3HP, priced at $284.99 with free shipping. This gas string trimmer is ideal for the bigger gardens or weeds and is perfect for start thistle and thick weed cutting. It comes fully assembled straight out the box and is a total delight to operate. This line of trimmer is fuel efficient too, so you won’t need to be refuelling your new toy nearly as often as you think.

Another thing to note about the Tanka TBC-255PF, is that it’s made in Japan and designed using a solid steel drive shaft, so it’s built to last.

Finally this trimmer also comes with a lifetime drive shaft warranty, not that you would ever need to use it.


  • Fuel efficient
  • Light and easy to use
  • Ideal for trimming bigger weeds


  • Price

Poulan Pro PP125 17-Inch 25cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Straight-Shaft String Trimmer with Split Shaft

The Poulan Pro PP125 is a 2-cycle gas string trimmer with a cutting width of 17 inches, priced at only $119,99 including free shipping, it’s the cheapest trimmer on review today.

The product is designed with its own Sure Fire pull starting system which ensures it starts first time, every time. The assembly process is fairly straight forward and when in use its pretty damn quiet. It weighs around 16lbs and like all other string trimmers reviewed today, handles good.

A couple of times during use the engine cut out, I think this was due to it still being cold, as after 15-20mintues of use, it didn’t occur again.

The engine pump out 25cc and the Poulan Pro PP125 comes with a two year manufactures warranty.


  • Cheap
  • Handles well
  • Quiet


  • May cut out once or twice at the start of use

Echo SRM-225 21.2 cc Gas Power Straight Shaft Trimmer

If they gave awards for the worlds sexiest gas powered string trimmer, I’m sure the Echo SRM-255 would win be a country mile.

Its 59 inches in length and comes with a 21.2 cc 2-stroke engine, priced at $249,99 with free shipping.

One of the key features of the Echo SRM -225 is the engine vibration-reduction system, this will give you a better experience when using this product, and reduces the likelihood of getting any sort of shoulder or arm injuries with prolonged use.

It is fitted with a unique i-30 starting system which provides you with a digital ignition button, allowing for an easy start up. It has a great safety feature of turning off when you lift the head off the grass, allowing you to carry it around without the fear of starting it up and accidently cutting yourself.

The straight shaft on this beast is easy to control and navigate around trees or the edges of lawns without chopping up the dirt, and it cuts amazingly well.

I haven’t tried it yet for the fear of my wife killing me, but I think the Echo SRM-225 could cut down my lemon tree outside if I give it the challenge.

I can’t really fault this machine, it’s a little bit heavy but nothing that will destroy your arms or shoulders. It feels sturdy and reliable, and although I haven’t used it over an extended period of time yet.

Echo also provides you with a 5 year warranty in the case you get any problems.


  • Powerful
  • Digital ignition switch
  • Sleek design


  • A little bit on the heavier side


With all the trimmers reviewed today I would have a hard time picking my favourite, they all do what they are built to do, and none have any major flaws that would stop me from recommending them to anyone. If someone did put a gas powered string trimmer to my head and forced me to pick one, I would go with the Echo SRM-255. Mainly because I had the most fun using that gas powered string trimmer when I spent my time reviewing all these products.